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The Everyday Athlete

Achieving ambitious goals is tough, but doing it alone makes it even harder.


That's why I've created a community where we all share one common objective: winning.


In this program, we'll challenge you in ways you couldn't imagine on your own, with a dedicated team on the same journey, ensuring you stay accountable every step of the way.

Whether you're aiming to conquer your first half marathon, hit a sub-40-minute 10k, double your bodyweight deadlift, nail your first pull-up, tackle your debut HYROX event, or strive for a sub-one-hour achievement, we're in it together.

Start your 8 week journey now by applying below.

Online Trainer Manchester

How to Join

The everyday athlete program is available to clients who meet the criteria outlined above. I maintain strict standards for admission to ensure a positive environment within the group.

To join, you'll need ambitious goals, a proven commitment to achieving them, and the ability to contribute positively to the group dynamic.


If you're ready to commit and contribute, take a look at the 8 week program below.

What's Included

  • A comprehensive training program featuring weekly progressions tailored to your goals.


  • Additional nutrition and lifestyle guidance to complement your training objectives.


  • Weekly check-ins to track your progress and provide ongoing support.


  • Monthly face-to-face sessions held at a private facility for in-depth reviews and adjustments.


  • Regular performance testing to monitor improvements and adjust training accordingly.


  • Team training days where you'll join forces with the rest of the team for added motivation.


  • Access to a community support group to keep each other accountable.

  • Option to continue monthly once the 8 weeks has finished 

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