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If you live outside of Manchester or your budget won’t allow for regular personal training sessions, you can still achieve life-changing results through online training. 

You will receive all the support and bespoke programming that you would get with personal training, but for a fraction of the cost.  

With over a decade of industry experience, I will provide you with the ultimate platform to achieve your goals. Get in touch if you would like to arrange a consultation or pick from the online training packages below. 

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If you're already self-motivated and confident in following a program without the need for much support, this program is designed for you. With a comprehensive plan tailored to your goals, you'll have all the tools you need to achieve results.

  • Onboarding consultation call and analysis 

  • Access to my coaching app with exercise library 

  • Bespoke periodised training program

  • 3-4 week updates and program progressions 

  • Nutrition advice based on your goals

  • Monthly catch up call 

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No matter what training experience you have, this program is designed to give you the same level of expertise, guidance and detail as personal training, but at a much more affordable price point.

  • Onboarding consultation call and analysis 

  • Access to my coaching app with exercise library 

  • Bespoke periodised training program

  • Customised macros and nutrition plan

  • Continuous updates and program progressions

  • Weekly check-in call to make sure you’re staying on track

  • Constant access to myself for any questions you have 

  • Video technique feedback and analysis 

  • Option to book a monthly 1:1 training session in my gym

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Online Training: Testimonials

I’ve been working with Andrew for personal training for around 9 months now and I’m happier and more confident than I’ve ever been despite having been on and off and the gym for 12 years. Andrew is great at giving short, simple directions that tell me exactly where to focus and how to correct what I am doing, as well as having an overall plan for my training for the months ahead. He made me really at ease from day one and didn’t expect any knowledge from me but responded to what I could already do. Physically and mentally my progress is better than ever before and I would really recommend anyone to try him for personal or online training.

Ben D


If you are interested in any of my services or would like to book a consultation, get in touch by filling in the form.

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