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Managing Alcohol For Body Composition Results - 5 Tips

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Firstly, if you're serious about your body composition results, you may consider removing alcohol from your diet all together until you get to where you want to be.

Not only can it sabotage your progression from all the additional calories, it can play havoc with your appetite, metabolism and sleep.

However, if you're willing to be a little more patient with your body composition goals, there are ways of managing your alcohol consumption. Here are 5 tips:

  1. Set limits: Establish a limit for how much alcohol you will consume and stick to it. For example, limit yourself to one or two drinks, or only have a drink on Saturdays.

  2. Choose lower-calorie options: Alcoholic beverages can be high in calories, especially if they contain sugar or are mixed with high-calorie mixers. Choose lower-calorie options, such as light beer, wine, or spirits mixed with soda water or a sugar-free mixer.

  3. Avoid binge drinking: Binge drinking, which is defined as consuming four or more drinks in a single sitting for women or five or more drinks for men, can have negative effects on your body composition and overall health. Avoid binge drinking and try to space out your drinks over a longer period of time.

  4. Plan ahead: If you know you will be consuming alcohol, plan ahead by adjusting your diet and exercise routine accordingly. Eat a healthy, balanced meal before drinking and schedule your workouts for the morning after drinking, as alcohol can interfere with sleep and recovery.

  5. Monitor your progress: Keep track of your progress by monitoring your body composition and tracking your alcohol consumption. This can help you identify any patterns or areas where you may need to make adjustments.

Remember that alcohol consumption should be enjoyed in moderation, and it is important to prioritise your health and fitness goals when making decisions about drinking.

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