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Nothing will compare to the level of service and results you get from face to face personal training. You will be under constant supervision of myself throughout your entire duration of your training, giving you all the motivation and coaching you need to achieve results.

Your session will also take place in the privacy of my fully equipped training facility, Train Urban. This means we will have exclusive use of all equipment during our session without the limitations of most commercial gyms. 

Everything you do and receive as part of your training package will be specifically designed around your goals and abilities. However, I cannot do all the work for you, results are dependent on the work ethic of my clients. If you are willing to be disciplined and consistent, then you will get results you deserve. If you are looking for a Manchester personal trainer, then get in touch via the link below. 

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Consultation and Analysis

We will sit down and assess all aspects of your previous training , diet and lifestyle history to help determine the next steps of your development. Your progression will be analysed throughout the whole duration of your training through regular scheduled  check-ins.


During your personal training sessions, you will be under the constant supervision of a highly qualified professional. This will not only help motivate you, but also give you the essential feedback and technical  guidance to ensure your workouts are effective. Your sessions will also take place in Train Urban, which is a fully equipped private facility.


Nutrition is another vital component to any successful training plan. We will work together to construct a diet plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. As part of this, you will receive nutrition targets, sample diet plans and healthy recipes. This will be available via your app which you can link with Myfitnesspal.

Personalised App

With any personal training package, you will receive access to your very own bespoke training app. This will contain all of your training plans, nutrition plans, exercise tutorials and progression data. Furthermore, your app is compatible with other fitness apps and devices such as Myfitnesspal and Fitbit.

24/7 Guidance 

You will have direct access to a qualified professional throughout the duration of your training. Whether its a question about your training or you're in need of some extra support, your coach will be there whenever you need him via your apps messaging service.

Exclusive Content

As a client, you will have exclusive access to certain features and benefits. This includes relevant guides written by Andrew, a new cook book every month containing 30 healthy recipes and discounted access to the Urban Fitness Retreat. You will find these and many more benefits via the members area of the website.

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Personal Training: Testimonials

I’ve been working with Andrew for personal training for around 9 months now and I’m happier and more confident than I’ve ever been despite having been on and off and the gym for 12 years. Andrew is great at giving short, simple directions that tell me exactly where to focus and how to correct what I am doing, as well as having an overall plan for my training for the months ahead. He made me really at ease from day one and didn’t expect any knowledge from me but responded to what I could already do. Physically and mentally my progress is better than ever before and I would really recommend anyone to try him for personal or online training.

Ben D


If you are interested in any of my services or would like to book a consultation, get in touch by filling in the form below.

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